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I was getting a nice shirt; I had in my closet to wear for the dinner tonight. It's more like a "Have a fun journey, don't come back!" type of dinner. I'm not mad anymore, just a bit shocked still, about that I'm the chosen one. To top that off I have to have help from three humans. I'm really gone miss my room for a while. I have no idea how long this journey. I think it might be a couple of months, but hey I'm never right. I opened my door and I looked back at my room for the very last time. I sighed and I closed my door.

The dinner was held in the ballroom of HQ. It had "Human like" feel to it, but that's the only thing we have in common. (Humans also have annoying people like Justin too, so I guess we have two things in common.) The room was like a huge weeding was going on, except it wasn't going to be happy. I looked around for Tyson and Justin. It wasn't hard to find a tall, awkward guy and a small ass guy. I walked over to them and I waved my hand. This might be the last time I will see my friends for the last time. I knew that we I do return, it would never be the same. So for now I just had to play cool. "Nice place huh?" I asked trying to start a conversation. Justin looked at me and just nodded. It was usual for him not to say anything, but I knew it must be hard for him. I mean no guys to play pranks on, no guy to hang out besides Tyson, but he doesn't count. I'm the only one who knew him the longest. Hell, we've lived on the streets together. *flashback* I was running down the cold, wet street, trying to get away from the cops, who were after me. "Oh my gosh they're after me" I thought as I looked back at them. I remember I slipped on the wet street and came to the ground with the thud. When I woke up, the cops had surrounded me and had their guns pointed at me. I saw someone from the corner of my eye in the shadows, watching me. The shadow seemed to know that I need help, because as soon I mouthed 'Help' the shadow came and began to attack the unexpected cops. I closed my eyes, as I saw blood come everywhere. This was before I knew I was a vampire. I shadow stuck out and hand and helped me up. I took it and I looked into its eyes. Those dreadful green eyes, looked like it has gone through a lot of pain. It smiled and spoke, "Names Justin." That was 15 years ago. Now look at us, we've grown up, living on the streets, trying to make a living until the mistress found us. I was staring at a wall, when I came back to. Tyson was trying to shake me. "Rouge…. Rouge you okay buddy?" I looked at him and nodded.
"Yeah just was thinking of stuff."
"Good. The mistress now wants you on the stage." I nodded and I walked up to the stage.

I don't know if it was just me, but it felt like the room just hotter. The ballroom was packed. I looked around and I found Justin, who nodded at me to give me a boost to help me. There was a tap on the mic and everyone stopped talking. The mistress looked at me and then looked back at the man who was going to talk.  He was a small, chubby character, who had gray Elvis hair, and a brown tuxedo. "Hello…hello my name is Kurt Whitefield of 'Vampire Council Intuition' or VCI for short. Two weeks ago, the humans had found the Staff of Count Drake, one of the vampires more treasured staff. It was hidden in a place, where I'm not allowed to say, but the humans somehow found it and took it. After investigating the scene a clue came up and it lead us to the prophecy of Six, thus it lead to more investigation and found out what it means. Six people, three vampires, and three humans must work tighter to stop this bloody war. We were very skeptical about letting this information out, but we decided to let it go. We soon discovered that Rouge Knight is a part of the prophecy, which means he must find two other vampires, and three other humans. Well I'm afraid this is all I can tell. Here are some words from Mr. Knight himself" as Mr. Whitefield moved from the mic. I looked at him and I went towards the mic. "Hi, well as you all know I'm Rouge and that I'm a part of the prophecy. I just want to say this really quickly and then you can move on with the party. I have no idea that how I was picked or how I'm going to find two other vampires and three other humans, but when I do…..I shall bring this bloody war with humans and vampires to the end, one and for all. I'll do what I can to stop it. Just remember that when I come back. This war will be over. Thank you." I stepped away from the mic. I was about to walk off the stage, when I stared to her clapping. I looked back and I that everyone was clapping. I heard some saying "Rouge! Rouge! Rouge!" I smiled and I walked off the stage. I past the mistress, who handed me something in my pocket. I was about to check it out when I felt the world go black. I remember seeing a face hovering over mine, but my vision was blurry and I didn't get a clear shot. I heard him say something, before I saw his fist raised up and I that's all I remember.
Chapter 4 of my NaNoWriMo challenge, enjoy.
~~~~Word Count: 1,008~~~~

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Chapter 4 {Now Reading}
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